Caribbean Stud Game Explained

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the best known variants of the famous Hold’em Poker. However, you play Hold’em Poker against other players and your chances increase if those players are unable.

You play Caribbean Stud against the house and that makes it a real casino game. On the internet, you only play against the casino at all times.

Caribbean Stud is played with 52 cards. You start by placing an “Ante” against the dealer. The ante is a mandatory bet and always amounts to 50% of the voluntary bet that you will or will not place after receiving the cards. After placing the ante, 5 cards are dealt. The dealer, who shares on behalf of the casino, also receives 5 cards, of which 4 are closed and one is open on the table.

When do you use Caribbean Stud and when do you fit?

After having consulted your cards, you must then decide whether you will fold or pass. If you fold, you lose the hand and automatically forfeit your ante bet. Or you can raise. If you raise, you must double your ante bet.

When do you win, and when do you lose at Caribbean Stud?

Now the dealer turns over the remaining 4 cards and ranks the best poker hand. If this Ace, Jack, Jack, 10, 9 or lower, then the dealer is fold and all “ante” are paid out 1 against 1, the second bets remain standing and are not paid out, so you simply get them back.

If the dealer has Ace, King, 4, 3, 2 or higher, this hand is compared to that of the player and you get your ante and bet doubled or lost if the bank’s hand is stronger. However, your bet can also be more than doubled if you have more than a pair in your hand. And with very high hands you are even eligible for the jackpot when that possibility exists and you also bet on the jackpot.

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