Casino News: Top 5 Biggest Poker Losers in History

Poker is a great game, never bet without skill and good bankroll management. What many people do not know is the enormous losses that some professionals have to bear.

Top 5 biggest lost

With every great opportunity that poker brings, comes the risk of losing a fortune. This brings many players into the dreaded ranking of the biggest poker losers.

Most casual players stick to a budget that they can afford to lose when playing poker, or simply looking for free online casino games.

However, those players who have spent years systematically learning the game of poker are more likely to risk amounts of money unimaginable to most.

The following are the top 5 poker losers players:

1. Gus Hansen

Although Gus Hansen was one of the most successful live poker players in history, online poker has not been on his side. Hansen’s losses are estimated to be around US$20 million, making Hansen the biggest loser in poker.

2. Victor Blom

Blom came practically out of nowhere and pocketed nearly US$ 7 million. After his appearance, professionals lined up to play with him.

Several seasoned players won the newcomer US$1 million before Brian Hastings took out Blom US$4.2 million. He lost US$7.5 million in total.

3. Noataima

No one knew who was behind the Noataima online poker account. After joining the circuit in 2006, he gained more notoriety by losing an incredible US$7 million.

4. Patrik Antonius

Things started to go really bad for Patrik Antonius after being the top winner at Full Tilt in 2009. He lost nearly US$4 million the following year citing back problems. The funny thing is, when his health improved, so did his performances.

5. Di Dang

Despite being one of the most valued and consistent gamers online, Di Dang couldn’t avoid a steep decline. In early 2009, Dang managed to lose US$2.6 million. In 2011 he decided to move away from the poker tables and dedicate more time to his business.

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