Different Types of Poker Bonuses

The welcome bonus is just one of many different types of bonuses that poker rooms offer. This is often the bonus that players attach the most importance to when choosing which poker room to play at, but often a poker room’s VIP program, and their ongoing bonuses and promotions are more important in the long run than the welcome bonus.

Different Types of Poker Bonuses

A generous rake back system can e.g. quickly be worth much more than the welcome bonus ever is if you play a lot. Different types of common bonuses and other benefits include:

Refill Bonuses

Refill bonuses are never something that a poker player wants to think he may need and they are not very popular among poker rooms either, but they can still be good to have if you go yellow and need to top up your bankroll.

Free Rolls

Most poker rooms offer a range of free rolls. However, the range can be different in different poker rooms and a large range of free rolls where you can win tournament tickets and real money can be a very big bonus for players who have just started playing and who do not have such a large budget.

Rake Back

Some poker rooms offer rake back. Rake back can be an independent feature or part of the VIP program. Regardless of how a rake back function is structured, it is a very valuable type of bonus that regularly contributes to the bankroll and which over time can be worth much more than all other types of bonuses.

VIP Program

The VIP program may not be the first thing you think of when you think of poker bonuses, but the fact is that the VIP program and the ongoing rewards it gives you are a very important part of the bonuses a poker room gives you. A large initial bonus can be nice when you start playing, but it is the ongoing rewards you get when you play in a poker room that have the greatest impact on your bankroll in the long run.

Where Can You Find the Biggest Poker Bonus?

There are many different poker rooms that offer great bonuses. Which poker room offers the absolute largest varies a lot with time.

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