How to Managing Your Poker Bankroll

As a poker player, you know that a game of poker in theory never ends. Having a good management of your poker bankroll is an essential element to keep control over your finances and to maximize your chances of becoming a winning player.

How to Managing Your Poker Bankroll

The tips given in the list below are suggestions to keep in mind for managing your poker game bankroll:

Play within the Limits You Can Afford

If you have decided to spend $ 100 on online poker and register directly for $ 20 tournaments, your bankroll will quickly drop to zero and you will need to top up your account.

What is the ideal size of your bankroll? A professional player will have an infinitely more rigorous and prudent management than an informed amateur or a recreational player. The bankroll is the professional’s working tool. Whatever happens, he will never commit more than 1% of his bankroll.

The recreational player can afford him less careful management in comparison and could commit up to 4% of his bankroll, that is to say, have available 25 times the amount he intends to play.

Sometimes you will hear one of your friends complaining, “Last night I broke to death and tilted. I lost half of my online bankroll. ” With good bankroll management, your friend would never have lost so much.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

By playing within limits that you are comfortable with, you will be able to perform at your best. In many situations, you will have to make decisions that will make your session either win or lose. To make these decisions, you must have a free spirit. The pressure of the game is great enough, no need to add the financial pressure.

Stop When You Win the Game

Stopping after you have won a certain amount of money will neither stop your losses in the long run if you are a losing player nor protect your winnings if you are a winner.  Poor players are going to lose their money no matter what they do. Good players set an expected hourly win rate whether or not they quit after they have pocketed a certain amount of winnings.

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