Is It Good to Start Playing Poker at a Young Age in Singapore?

Poker has become a very popular game with young people under the age of 25. This generation, already familiar with electronic transactions, is in favour of online poker, which has been very successful with them. However, there are risks for the youngest and especially minors: it can quickly become an addiction.

Naturally attracted to what is related to the game, young people see poker as a way to make money quickly and easily while having fun. Generally played with friends, it is a strategic and logical game of money that requires skill and composure.

Is It Good to Start Playing Poker

Young people, especially those under the age of 20, do not yet earn a living but like to take risks. Poker is for them a daring game, which allows them to win money because monetary winning remains a motivation.

The growth of online poker sites has seen the emergence of fairly strict legislation for online gambling in Singapore. Minors are therefore prohibited from playing money or registering with these operators.

It is considered that it is a part of the population particularly naive and vulnerable to the assaults of this game. Despite everything, a part of these young people succeeds in registering by transmitting fake information and does not hesitate to use the card number without knowing their parent’s credit.

The poker sites being governed by the laws of marketing, the first games are won very easily: often we play it for free where then for small bets. It is precisely when the bets increase that it becomes more complicated.

Young people, crowned with their little success, will start to bet bigger: their bluff giving them a false feeling of control and mastery of the game. It is the disillusionment that is there when they enter the court of grown-ups, who, more experienced, know how to prevent the wobbly strategies of the youngest.

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