Most Common Poker Terms

In online poker game, you are not competing against the house. You are now testing your skill and luck and luck against other gamblers.

If you are starting off, you will need to understand common poker terms and we use one or more terms to help you with some of the poker game.

Most Common Poker Terms

The following is a common glossary of poker terms used in the card game of poker:

Ante: This would be the minimum requirement in chips to get the game going and is tossed or placed into the pot.

Blind: A bet made by the first player in certain games.

Bluff: A bluff is the result of an action called “bluffing”. This action is performed by skilled players holding what appears to be an inferior hand to those held by other players.

Call: If you want to stay in the game you must match that bet.

Check: If no bet has been made, and it’s your turn to wager, you can stay in the game without making a bet.

Fold: To fold is to give it up, toss in your cards, get out of the game, not call any bets.

Nuts: A poker hand that is the best it can be for the hand in progress at the moment.

Raise: You have a good hand. You want to build the pot. Somebody makes a bet. You raise, which means you call the previous bet and also add on another bet.

The Pot: This is where all the money goes. This is what you are playing to win.

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