Online Poker Rake

Poker is one of the few games in an online casino where you are not playing against the House. But the House has to be paid.

The payment to the House is called the rake. Rake is a major source of income for online poker sites. While poker tournaments usually require a fixed entry fee per player in addition to the buy-in, cash games players have to pay a certain percentage.

Online Poker Rake

The amount of the pot and the participation in it affect the rake amount, there is also an upper limit. The less rake a poker room requires or the more attractive the rake structures are, the more rewarding the poker game is.

In contrast to the so-called casino poker, in which the players compete against the bank, online poker is a game among the individual participants at the table. The poker room operator as the organizer does not take part in the game.

With the rake fee, the poker site still secures a source of income, so that not 100 per cent of all amounts that go into a pot is paid back to games.

Online poker has the advantage over live games that the poker room has lower costs, which is why the fees are much lower. The exact rake amount usually depends on the size of the pot and the respective limits or blinds that are played. In exceptional cases, a fixed amount is fixed. There is usually an upper limit per pot.

To successfully make money with online poker and cash games in the long term, you not only have to assert yourself against the competition at the table but also include the rake deduction.

The “no flop, no drop” philosophy of the poker providers means that you will encounter a much more aggressive style of play in cash games, as many professional grinders try to push other players out of the pot before the flop and a rake-free win reap. Of course, you can also learn this strategy, but it makes sense to use poker software to analyze where you are making profits and making losses to adjust your game accordingly.

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