Play Online Poker without Real Money

Can you really enjoy poker when there is no real money involved? The internet is full of websites that offer free poker and people play on these websites. Many players don’t even consider playing for real money even if they are doing great in the free version. So what attracts the player to keep playing without a dollar or a prize in sight?

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Poker Is about Honour

Since it is widely believed that a poker professional relies not only on luck, but especially on brains to succeed, there is a degree of respect embedded in the title of poker professional. Outsmarting the deck requires good memory and good strategy.

Today, it is common practice for multiple card games in a game to make it difficult for card counters and this fact arouses even more admiration from the one who succeeds in his strategic gambling.

While this is enough for some to play the game, most people find it ridiculous to even think about playing without any kind of price. Honour is certainly great and fun, but if it doesn’t come with a huge sum of money, will anyone ever know?

To be a real poker professional and play without money requires a great deal of humility, because a great player taking part in a tournament is making headlines. He receives both honour and a prize.

There are people who can’t stand being in the spotlight and for them the money is not worth the shame if the neighbors are aware of their skills. For them it is great to be able to enjoy the game online without money that makes them known.

It Is All about the Money

Most will probably agree that poker without money is not real poker. It is fun and a good way to stimulate and practice the mind, but it can’t be considered the real deal. It is not necessary to participate in a world famous tournament to make good money with poker.

Online casinos offer great poker rooms where great prizes are won without disclosing the winners to everyone. Free poker online is just the run-up to real poker with real money.

While poker has been a game for a long time before the internet was even thought of, it cannot be said to be a family game. Groups of friends gathered around a table and played for money, and the drinks were not so suitable for the younger members of the household.

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