Play Poker with the Right Starting Hands

Poker is a game of skill and requires a lot of skills, if you start with a good starting hand, you will have a chance to win the whole pot.

If you want to become be a successful poker player in the end, starting with good starting hand is very important. You shouldn’t be greedy. You should also not be curious whether there will be something on the flop for you.

Don’t be tempted to keep following draws and keep the pot small until you complete the draw. All this can lead to bad decisions. Don’t open a pot with a bad starting hand, because if someone else has a good hand and then you re-raise, you should discard your cards again unless you take risks and start bluffing. Especially if you are still a poker beginner, it is best to only open the good starting hands.

Only when you are more experienced can you broaden the selection of starting hands. You open more hands, bluff more often and you can read the players better. Even the greatest poker players in the world throw away bad hands. No matter how good you are or how good your strategy is, there is not much you can do with just bad hands.

Play Poker with the Right Starting Hands

By determining in advance which starting hands you are going to play with, you make gambling easier for yourself. Determining starting hands is not very difficult.

The hardest part is sticking to the plan. In principle, you will fold more often than not with a full poker table (9 players). If you eventually play heads-up or short-handed, you will start playing more cards.

Your entire selection of starting hands will be changed constantly. When you sit down at a table with 6 players max, you raise about 35% of your hands (more marginal hands). If you have a full poker table of 9 players, this will be about 25%. As you end up with fewer players you can change your playing style and be more aggressive.

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