Poker Terms and Definitions

Knowing the terms is an advantage when you want to succeed. Start playing poker online like a talented player with all the poker terms.

You will probably notice that some of the poker words can be confusing as they have double meanings.

Poker terms and definitions

Add on: The opportunity offered by some tournaments to buy additional chips.

Ante: This is the first bet posted by each player before the cards are dealt.

All in: To bet all the money that you have on the table a player is considered to be all in when they have bet all their remaining chips.

Bad Beat: When a strong hand which is favourite loses to a weaker one by being out drawn.

Blind Bet: A compulsory bet that is made at the start to bring action into the game the player to the dealer’s left posts the small blind bet equal to half the small bet the player to his left posts the big blind bet equal to the small bet.

Board: The community cards in a poker game.

Call: To bet the same amount as the current bet.

Cap: The last rays permitted on a betting round.

Check: when there is no bet already on the table for that current round of betting you can check bet zero and pass the action on to the next player if everyone checks then play moves on to the next round.

Community Cards: These are cards that all players can use to make their hands in Texas Hold’em the board cards are the community cards.

Door Card: The third card dealt to each player dealt face-up in a game of seven card stud draw to receive a card stud.

Draw: To receive a card.

Fifth Street: Fifth Street also known as the river the final board card in Texas Hold’em.

Fish: A bad player.

Flop: The first three board cards used in Texas Hold’em or Omaha. They are turned up at the same time and start the second betting round.

Fold: To drop out of the hand.

Loose: Apparently reckless style of play.

No Limit: A version of poker where there is no limit to the maximum bet you can make in any betting round.

Open: To make the first bet in the hand.

Pot: The total of all the chips in the center of the table.

Raise: A bet that will increase the level of the current bet.

Showdown: The shown with the hands to establish the highest hand.

Tight: A conservative style of play minimizing risk opting to wait so often folding only for prime whole cards.

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