Singapore Poker: Frequently Asked Question

Online poker has gained more popularity than any other game in the world over the past decade. People of all ages, races, genders, and levels of physical ability have found that online poker gives them a freedom that was previously reserved for the percentage of the population able to visit a casino and sit for hours to play.

We decided to make a list of Frequently Asked Questions about poker and put all the questions together and answer them for you. So that you don’t have to visit 100 other articles to get your answer for the same.

Here are the top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about poker:

Is it legal to play for real money in Singapore?

Yes, you can play and win real money at online poker sites across Singapore without worrying about the laws.

How to start?

To start playing at any online poker site, you need to choose a secure and trustworthy site. 90agency has a list of the top 3 online casino sites that give you a great gaming experience, and a great welcome cash bonus to get you started with some extra cash in your player account.

Which poker games offer the best chances of winning?

It depends on your skill level at the various poker games offered online. The more you practice and develop your skills, the more realistically you are able to earn.

Can I play for real money on my cell phone or tablet?

Yes, the online casino sites 90agency recommends is optimised to work on mobile devices and tablets, so you can still play your favorite games when you are away from your computer.

Should I take advantage of the bonus offered to me?

Yes, you absolutely must claim your bonus. When you sign up and claim your welcome bonus, your account receives free money which can be used every time you play.

We encourage Singaporean players to managing their gambling bankroll carefully, from the time they register for an account and during fluctuations that occur over time.

The general rule is to start with real money cash games and internet poker tournaments with low entry costs, and not wager more than 10% of your working bankroll at the same time. As your profits increase, you can increase the limits you play and participate in bigger tournaments.

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