The Development of the Poker Game into a Popular Online Game

The Internet has created the conditions where players can sit in widely different parts of the world, visit an online casino and play against each other in tournaments.

The Development of the Poker Game into a Popular Online Game

Today, at least as much poker is played in Asia and Europe, both at Sit N Go where you can come and go as you wish, or in tournaments that can attract thousands of participants at a time. Some of the tournaments at online casinos act as satellite tournaments with a ticket for the winner and qualification for one of the major live tournaments in the USA.

On the Internet, the most popular variant of poker is Texas Hold’em, also the game that probably got the most people to eventually create an account on any of the hundreds of online gaming portals. It has also given us some of the casino world’s most famous names where people have gone from a completely ordinary life to becoming multimillionaires after a tournament and then making a living from poker.

If we go back in time, the great spread of poker as a game can be traced back to America and the 19th century, where much thanks to the river steams on the Mississippi went to new places along the river.

Its riverboats slowly tugged on and as new people on or off, more people learned how to play poker. With not much else to pass the time with during these boat trips in terms of other entertainment, the game quickly became one of the main pleasures passengers could imagine.

At first, the game consisted of fewer cards, but by the 20th century it had expanded to today’s classic 52. Community card poker became a concept that caused the phenomenon to explode in popularity even more.

In all its simplicity, the community card means that some cards are placed in the middle of the table and together with the cards you have on hand, all are combined to the highest possible hand. Two new games emerged quickly; Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em. These are almost identical, the basics are the same with dividends and betting, with a difference in the number of own cards and players give on hand.

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