The HORSE, the Challenge of All Poker Players

If you’ve just started learning poker, this article probably won’t be for you, at least, not right away! Indeed, HORSE is a real challenge, because it is a marathon of several poker variants. Indeed, it is an acronym of the five most played variants of this legendary game.

But if some poker players are completely familiar with HORSE, others are scared of it. For that, it seemed very important to us to demystify all this to allow you to better tame it.

H Stands for Hold’em

Who doesn’t know the good old Texas Hold’em? It is the best known version of poker, it is a variant that is both technical and psychological. You will need multiple abilities to become excellent at Texas Hold’em. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the easiest version to play.

For those who do not know Texas Hold’em, these are two private cards that you will have to combine with three other cards among the five public ones placed successively on the table.

Challenge of All Poker Players

O Stands for Omaha

As in Texas Hold’em, three of the five community cards must be paired with two and only two of the four private cards dealt to each player before starting the game. The difficulty is therefore to have the obligation to play cards even if the combinations are not optimal. However, this constraint is offset by the fact that each player has four cards, so more choices.

This variant is played (except HORSE) mainly in Pot Limit, that is to say that the bets cannot exceed the total sum of the pot which is composed of all the blinds and the bets already placed.

R Stands for Razz

With such a name, it’s hard to want to play Razz. “Razz” you know, he’s also better known as Low 7 Card Stud. Behind this second, somewhat esoteric, designation is one of the many Stud variants. The goal is very simple, each player receives 7 cards, 3 of which are hidden and 4 discovered.

S Stands for Stud

Contrary to what one might think when one does not know, Razz and Stud are brothers. These are two different Stud variants, since the Razz is in Low (the lowest card combinations are taken into account) and the “all-court” Stud is in High (only combinations with high cards count).

E Stands for Eight or Better

It is a bit of a child of the last two variants described, since it is quite simply a 7 card Stud in Hi-Low, therefore the perfect mixture of Razz and Stud since the pot is also shared between the hand the higher and lower.

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