The Simplest Tactics to Boost Your Poker Winnings

What do you want to seize with a poker bet and how do you read someone else’s bet? There are many types and heights of bets. What you should know when you bet and why you do this. Some players put in purely because they have the feeling that they have to do this.

Simple Tactic Poker

Here are the simplest tactics to boost your poker winnings:

Squeeze Play

If you are in control of two other players and the situation is right, you can apply a squeeze play. The starting point is that the person in front of you places a fairly low bet after an unclear flop or a value bet that represents a less strong hand as, for example, a middle pair.

If the next player only calls because the bet is low enough to continue playing along with you, you have the chance to place a substantial increase, also called squeeze play. If you raise a lot, the player thinks after you that you probably have a really good hand, but he is also not entirely sure that the player has a bad hand after him and has slow played.

The middle player will therefore quickly fold with a mediocre hand. The third player will probably also fold if he doesn’t have a strong hand to play 1 to 1 against you. After all, he already made a call because he didn’t have to bet too much.

The Hammer

The Hammer can be used against players who play quite aggressively. If such players try to steal a lot of blinds and pots with high raises, then the principle of the hammer tactic is to get over it with a very high bet. Even with a reasonable hand, the aggressive player will lay down his hand if he does not have a really good hand.  In fact, a good aggressive player is not after all confrontations, but only chips. After such an action, such a player is often quieter and easier to control.

Playing with the Ingredients

Playing with all the bet ingredients can ensure that you stay ahead of your opponents. If you know how your opponents think and how they think you are acting, you can abuse it in all ways. Playing poker with the ingredients that sometimes makes the game so elusive and what distinguishes the best players.

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