Three Types of Pots in Poker Game

Winning real money in poker is not just about winning pots. In fact, being an overall winning player probably has more to do with losing less when your cards don’t come in the running than it has to do with the pots you win when you have the best hand.

Three Types of Pots in Poker Game

Your goal in poker should be to win real money. Competing too many pots mean you’re making too many bets with too many inferior hands, for too long. Not good! This type of play will rapidly drain your bankroll.

There are three types of pots in poker:


The stakes are limited, not the pot although if but indirectly whose value will depend on the number of players cheering. There are then 2 limits: for example in Texas Hold’em Limit $5 / $10, during the first 2 betting rounds you can bet $5 then 4 10 during the last 2 laps. You now understand why the pot is, therefore, also limited.

Pot Limit

The maximum amount of the pot is limited (per stroke of course). Players can bet as much as they like in the different betting rounds as long as the pot limit is not reached. In other words, we could imagine that a player starts to stack right from the hand, up to the limit of the pot. Thereafter there will be no more possible bets.

No Limit

As the name suggests, there is no limit on players who can then bet as much as they want during speaking rounds for any total amount of the pot. It is the auction that leaves most of the bluff. It is also the auction used during the flagship and legendary event of the world poker championships: the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

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