Tips How to Keep Poker under Control

Poker is a game of skill where luck plays a factor. It is complicated in its execution and a lot of variable play into the winner’s favour.

Use the following practical tips to avoid poker problems:

  1. With offline poker you run less risk of a poker addiction than with online poker.

If you find that you often suffer from loss of control in online poker: playing more often and longer than you intend and / or losing more money than you intend and you do not want to stop playing poker, it can help to switch to offline poker with friends.

  • Think in advance how often and how long you want to play poker.

For many people, time is difficult to control. If that applies to you, only start at times when it doesn’t matter if you continue longer.

  • Think in advance how much money you want to lose.

Stick to your own limit. It can work well to come up with a one-month limit for yourself. That is the maximum amount that you can lose. If the limit is reached after two weeks, stop playing poker for two weeks and start again the following month. As long as the limit is not reached, you can try to recover lost money.

  • Play poker because you like it.

If you play poker to suppress negative feelings such as loneliness, gloom, boredom or fear, the chance of addiction is much higher.

  • Keep doing other things.

Playing poker can be a lot of fun, but try to avoid becoming isolated and just playing poker. Also keep making time for social contacts and make sure you keep other interests besides playing poker.

Poker is a game of extreme discipline. You really need to have incredible focus when it comes to getting things right.

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