Why Online Poker So Popular?

Poker is one of the oldest games and has been played for around two centuries. However, it has gained a lot more popularity in the past 15 years and got a lot of attention from new players, especially from Europe and the USA.

Why Online Poker So Popular?

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So why is online poker so popular?

One of the main reasons for this phenomenal rise of poker is the fact that people no longer view poker as a game but as a sport because the media and casinos market the poker tournaments as a sporting event.

ESPN, one of the largest and most well-known sports channels, plays a pioneering role with Travel Channel, Fox Sports and many more in the promotion of poker tournaments that mostly have very large stakes, such as the 2003 World Series of Poker.

With the introduction of electronic banking solutions, poker has also become very popular in online poker rooms and casinos. Many new poker tournaments with huge prizes have been heavily advertised through the media.

It is nothing new anymore that the online poker rooms sponsor many different events and advertise on television to increase their awareness about them. They often use well-known poker personalities as hangers in advertisements.

Because of the great entertainment aspect, many people organize poker evenings in the circle of friends to beat their opponent there and ultimately take the pot home. In addition to the social aspect, competition is also an important motive for poker.

There’s enough strategy in poker for serious players to get really good at it, but enough randomness that any unsophisticated player can get lucky and win big. So, poker can appeal to players of all skill levels.

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